Hi there, I’m Kat, and I try to be genuine but find it increasingly alarming how genu-whine-y it comes off. If you don’t like horrible puns and sexual innuendos, you will not like this blog.

This is my place on the internet where I talk about baking, mostly. Other times I talk about how I embarrass myself daily in front of 1) coworkers 2) friends 3) attractive men 4) children, babies, etc 5) basically all of humanity and most of the animal world. I curse a lot, which is so bad, kids! I talk about sex a lot, which is great but you should practice safely!!!!!! My parents read this blog but we all pretend they don’t read those posts, because we’re all much, much happier that way.

I’m stuck between being irresponsible and impetuous and childish, and enjoying bird-watching and drinking tea and baking pies. I think if you average those things out you come to about my age, which is 28, which is a pretty ok age to be.

The important things you need to know about me are that I love sandwiches, especially when they come with a pickle. I like eating with friends and drinking some beers and saying too much too soon and feeling a little bit embarrassed in the morning. I also like being outside and listening to music, maybe both at once, I don’t know, is that too much to ask? Also whenever anyone lets me plan a party I try to force everyone to sit around a fire and roast sausages, and also play board games, and then if I lose I get sore loser-y about it.

My friends say they like to read this blog because it makes their own lives seem much more put together and way less hopeless. If I can do that for you too, internet stranger, then my work here is done.


15 thoughts on “About”

  1. LOVED IT! Having had the privilege to sample some of these delicious treats, I can attest to the fact that they are as good as they look! YUM! Keep COOKIN’ Trina

  2. Great Cupcakes! Great way to celebrate Inauguration Day…or any day…who doesn’t like these mini little cake treats?

  3. I’m all about trying new recipes (never want to repeat even if it was amazing)..and now instead of standing in my kitchen aimlessly looking through recipe books, I’m just going to come here! Thanks for keeping me entertained at work today

  4. i know artie was trying to give me a hint when he sent me your blog full of deliciousness. he’s tired of eating ravioli or pizza every night i think. little does he know, all he’s going to get now is pear and chocolate cake every night.

  5. So your sister Julia turned me onto your blog when I saw her in Denver last week. I am a new stay-at-home mom who swears she will learn to cook and like it. Your blog is hilarious and might be just the thing to inspire me. I will try one of your recipes next week.

  6. LOVE your blog! Gorgeous pix and writing, Katrina. JRF made your apple tart that looks like a flower and tastes like heaven OMG.. :-)

  7. Hello! it was nice to meet you at game night and you made an awesome Pictionary partner! (especially considering how terribly I draw, but hey we won so it’s all good!)

    You owe me a pie. :)

  8. I came across your blog through pinterest. Someone pinned your no sugar added cookie. i also followed suit and repinned.
    Anywho, your recipes look great, but the best part is you are hi-larious. I look forward to reading more funny and yummy blog posts. Please make more sassy jamba juice analogies. k thx!

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