Oh boy, guys. What has it been? 3+ years? Anyone still here? Probably not, but that’s ok, I erased all my old blog subscriptions who never updated too. And anyhow I’m thinking I need a fresh start. But I’m just here to be like, HEY Y’ALL I AM ALIVE AND I FEEL LIKE BLOGGING AGAIN SO GET READY! I hope you are! My thought is that I’m going to start a new one, the link to which I’ll post here when I’m all ready to go. It probably won’t be completely cooking-related (but then, this one wasn’t really either), but I sure as hell still cook a bunch so that’ll be in there. Mostly I want to just write and vent and let my freak flag fly and be creative and all that bullshit that will likely reduce my blood pressure, which I’m told is genetically high, thanks ancestors. Also I’m older/wiser/smarterquestionmark? and there’s all sorts of new shit that I’m into to help make my career feel less pointless, and I feel like I want you guys to be in on it because I am a habitual and enthusiastic over-sharer.

That’s probably enough for right now. I just wanted to commit to this, here, in front of these witnesses on this balmy late-August day in San Francisco. I will blog again. I will. I do.


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

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