Funfetti take 2: Not using an immersion blender to make frosting.

Funfetti is kind of the best, as far as sweet cakes go, which is why I gave it another shot after the immersion blender disaster of ’11. I don’t know what it is. Is it the size of the ‘fettis? Is it the colors? I mean, white chocolate in and of itself is not my favorite thing to add to desserts. I have a really big problem with white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, in that they are SO SWEET, and SO BORING, and SO WHITE. They’re like…..Tobey Maguire. JK I love Spiderman!!!

Well, the point is, this is such a pleasing cake; aesthetically, flavor-wise, and nostalgically (word? not a word?). It’s not my go-to birthday cake, because it is actually a fair amount of work. But sometimes it feels really good to spend a lot of time on something and go through a lot of trouble for someone. Some people deserve it, you know?

I vanilla-flecked the frosting because I could, and because it’s totally classy. Because we’re all grown ups here, I wanted to make this feel a bit more adult. Like when I try to put on heels and my coworkers laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, but sometimes when I’m standing still I totally look like A Lady.

I’m feeling pretty nice tonight, so I’m not sure what else to say. I just cooked and nailed a really great dinner, I’m drinking an unremarkable yet completely lovely beer, and I gave a homeless man $1 outside Whole Foods and he was just so pleasant to me. Just a simple thank you and a wish for a good night. I suppose it worked, because it just warmed my little heart.

Sometimes it’s those little things that really pull you into a better way of existing. Which is why we should all bake each other cakes more often. Reciprocity is a strong human desire. When people do thoughtful things I want to cry with how amazing this stupid species is to one another. Sometimes I totally do (when I’m on my period or when I’ve been watching YouTube videos about Unlikely Animal Friends), and it fills me up with the good kind of emotion (not the kind of emotion that causes people to tell me I’m acting either “like a dude” or “like such a girl right now”).

Well so anyway. Don’t you think, instead of maybe watching Dancing With the Stars one night, you might spend a little time and make someone a homemade funfetti cake and then almost cry when they say it’s one of the nicest things they’ve gotten on their birthday? You do, you really really do. In other news, I think I just swallowed a salmon bone and I have to go ask the internet if I’m going to die.

Homemade Funfetti Cake

same as this! (but better)


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

One thought on “Funfetti take 2: Not using an immersion blender to make frosting.”

  1. My stupid classmates point it out whenever I wear heels (let’s be honest: wedges. I have no grace). “I USED TO LIVE IN NYC, YOU BITCHES. I USED TO WEAR HEELS ALL THE TIME BEFORE I MOVED TO NORTHFACE PATAGONIA LAND!” …Which is why when I start my new grown up job next week I’m wearing heels from day 1. A reinvention. No I didn’t videotape myself clunking around in heels to see if I looked like That Girl, but if I DID do that, I would advise more arm movement..

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