Egg Sandwich Exploration part VIII

Hello egg sandwich lovers. Well, I am making an assumption that everyone who reads this blog is also an egg sandwich lover. If you are not, get out. (jokes jokes! [not really though. jk!!!!! (i’m serious.)])

Today we are not making any bold changes, but we are exploring prosciutto from the fancy Italian deli near my apartment. I went in and asked for the most “bacon-like” meat and the guy thought I said “vegan-like meat” and he was very concerned for me as a human being. But we sorted it out and got a good chuckle out of it, and I walked out of there with some deli meats, so all was well.

The thing about it was, I was a bit let down by the prosciutto.  It just…it wasn’t bacon. Some minor experimentation with a sort of spicy red pepper sauce which was a hit. Not as much tang as ketchup, but more kick. A nice mild cheddar, a dense loaf, and we’re in business. Because I keeps it classy around here, I ate these on top of the box that my vacuum cleaner came in, which also serves as my kitchen table.

If you are concerned for me, you should remember that this means I own a vacuum cleaner, and you should just be happy about that.

Red pepper spready egg sandwich

2 eggs
2 slices dense, doughy bread
mild cheddar
roasted red pepper spread (i assume you can make some from like….roasted red peppers, red pepper flakes, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper in a food processor real quick?)
2 slices prosciutto

Fry the prosciutto in a pan until crispy. While that is happening, toast the bread in a 350 oven and add the cheese slices when the bread looks almost toasted. Fry the eggs to your liking. Remove cheesey toast from oven, spread pepper spread on bread, add prosciutto and top with the eggs. Close, eat on a cardboard box with some preciously-brewed coffee.


Author: katboda

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