Egg Sandwich Exploration: part it-will-never-end

I won this egg sandwich in a bet. Before the bet was made, I was allowed to name the prize. Without hesitation I said “egg sandwich.” I could’ve said, like, $100, or a massage, or for the other person to have to do something humiliating, but. I regret absolutely nothing. Because then I WON THE BET.

And oh how I was paid. With applewood smoked bacon and lightly sauteed chard.

Aw yiss, acme italian long. Aw yiss, cowgirl creamery aged sheepsmilk cheese with a crazy yet pleasing name (idiazabal).

Eggs over easy, buttered bread. Salt and pepper. Everything hot. Little bit o hot sauce.

Can’t claim the credit for the ingredients, but I can claim the credit for having a pretty big boner for this egg sandwich. It’s not traditional, but it’s autumnal, and different, and wonderful. Will I make this egg sandwich again? You can bet on it.   (get it? get it? get it? get it?)

Late Fall Farmer’s Market Egg Sandwich

1 long italian bread, sliced into 5-6″ sections and then halved
2 eggs
2 slices bacon, fried
1/2 bunch swiss chard, chopped
spanish sheepsmilk cheese (manchego will do nicely, but we used Idiazabal)
salt, pepper, hot sauce (cholula’s, tapatios, etc)

Heat your oven to 350 (if you want to warm the bread). Fry the bacon. Pour out almost all of the fat, but leave enough to keep the pan coated. Then use that to saute your chard leaves. Transfer to a warm bowl. Sprinkle water on your bread crust (like you’re flicking water in someone’s eyes, no more than that) and pop it in the oven for the amount of time to eggs cook. Spread a little more fat in there and cook your eggs. Remove the bread, lightly butter each side, then eggs, then salt & pepper, then cheese, then bacon, then chard. A few drops of hot sauce (or pour some on your plate and dip), and you’re golden.


Author: katboda

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