Things I Learned at Work Today

OTP means “on the phone.”

NOT “over the pants.” (as in “over the pants HJ” [as in hand job {sorry kids}])

Corners are to be taken slowly. Apologies to random button-up-shirt man who received my face in his pectorals. Ehh.

The womens restroom by the engineers’ side of the building is ALWAYS empty #we’rebadatmath #nowe’renotwejustdontwanttobeengineers #idon’tblameusengineersarecreepysometimes

Also, sometimes, overnight, gnomes just show up. Everywhere.

I haven’t cooked myself dinner in over a month, so I’m sorry for all this white space on this here blog. Silence and burned popcorn. This is really a worthwhile subscription for you, isn’t it? I’m moving into my very own (and very first!) studio apt this week, so I’m hoping to regain some sort of routine again. And then we can kitch again together, instead of me just katting all over the place.



Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

3 thoughts on “Things I Learned at Work Today”

  1. I’m pretty sure you need to become a regular contributor to my blog, friend. Work. is. taking. over.

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