Opening a business is hard

Y’all, this bitch hasn’t slept a lot in the past week….s. This is because our pie business launched, and got media attention, and we sold out of our pies, so we had to make more pies!!!, and then we sold out of THOSE pies, and also I have a 50-hr a week day job, and also occasionally I need to do laundry and go to the bathroom. Between last thursday and sunday I slept a collective 10 hours. I know, I know. I’m fishing for sympathy. I understand that some people don’t think this is a big deal. Some people just don’t sleep and work all the time and Leonardo da Vinci their way through life, and additionally, don’t fucking complain about it on the internet. They’re do-ers. I’m not a do-er. I got my dad’s lazy genes. He is an epic napper. I am not, but I like to think I fit all my naps into my night’s rest. I don’t pull all-nighters and act like a human the next day. I pull all-nighters and get really existential and serial killer-y.

So yeah I’m frazzled. But also really amped up on coffee and adrenaline from our business going so well. Apparently, APPARENTLY, people love pies. Which, like, I sorta knew…but I didn’t know they’d wait outside a converted shipping container in the rain to buy them from really tired looking babes who were wearing un-cute fleeces (San Francisco is COLD) and my fat jeans.

Anyway, on the Kat in the Kitch front, I’m decorating a wedding cake in, oh, 2 days, so brace yourselves for some reporting of that. Also I am working on a post in which I tell you to drink booze, which I don’t really do much on this blog, though it feels like I should. I mean, no, like, be a normal human. Don’t drink booze all the time and be a dick to your kids or anything. But get together with your friends and make fancy lady and gentlemen cocktails more, for sure.

Oooooooook. This isn’t a real post, but there are pictures and words and I haven’t slept so I’m currently pondering what the POINT OF LIFE IS AT ALL ANYWAY. Also I am currently considering what type of pizza I should eat tonight. The answer, obviously, is all the types. All at once.


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

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