Wednesday afternoon thoughts

I don’t know how else to admit this. It’s all true. I fucking love a soggy pb&j. DON’T LOOK AT ME I’M A MONSTER!


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

One thought on “Wednesday afternoon thoughts”

  1. ummm maybe it’s just a TYF thing but i LOVE those!!! especially with crappy grape jelly that totally stains the bread because it’s so soggy. reminds me of going to camp in middle school. i love those. i dunno about the whole salad thing you’ve got going on there but pb&j fresh (chunky pb, raspberry jam toasted?!?!) or soggy (wonder bread, grape jelly, still like that chunky pb) both work for me.

    on that note, i seriously need to get back to work and stop procrastinating since it took me way, way too long to interpret your graph and i’m pursuing a doctorate in the sciences, goddammit!

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