Awesome things that happened to me, Thursday edition

At Work:

1. Opened the refrigerator in the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of seltzer, dropped the bottle of seltzer, which exploded upon hitting the ground. Guy sitting in the kitchen on his cell phone: “whoa! that was totally crazy!”

2. Called my coworker over to my desk to help me solve a word search, and we needed to look up something in an email on my computer. Minimized the window that was open (my standard “work spreadsheet” window, natch) and sitting behind it was a browser opened to this page:

There are 2 ways to handle something like this. One way is to be like, oh, have you seen this? My roommate sent me this link, she said it was hilarious. It’s by the people who run the OKCupid website!

That is the cool and casual way. Hey, there’s a website about charts about sex open on my computer, but so what? I’m a 27 year old lady. Sometimes I read about sex. We’re all adults here. It’s cool!

The other way to play it is you can get really flustered, turn red, try to minimize the window but instead enlarge it more, laugh awkwardly, hurriedly and obviously drag another window on top of it for the sole purpose of covering it up, and ignore it and hope your coworker didn’t see it, though you know he did.

Guess which way I played it?

Ok so there is no recipe here, but last night I made a crazy delicious salad with romaine, lentils, tomatoes, parsley, hummus, balsamic, capers, and a little drizzle of olive oil. Like, you can totally make that at home, without help from shitty pictures from my smart phone, which is so much worse than an iphone, btw, sorry droid, you’re fucking terrible.


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

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