Green velvet

As is my way, I made my own going away cake for my last day of work. My friend J planned a little potluck, and I knew I had to Bring It, so to speak, as my last go at being the office baked good fairy. And it was broughten.

In the form of a sassy “green velvet” cake. Get it? Cuz I worked for an [unnamed] environmental nonprofit? Yeah? You with me on this one? Oh lord, and just look at what I wrote. How kicky am I?! I am just Too Much! Don’t you think I’m just so sassy? How do people even deal with all the lip from me? I am just the Lippiest.

Seriously this is how I live. Totally insufferably.

So this cake is just my favorite red velvet cake recipe, which, after trying another one for those whoopie pies, I am completely re-devoted to. Ain’t no red velvet cake recipe better.  (Obvi replaced the red food coloring with green. Genius. Greeeenius. Ok, done, promise)


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

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