What have you done in the past few weeks? I have NURTURED. I have fed and taken care of and lovingly watched over. I have been interested and excited by and captivated by. I have loved. I have loved and loved and loved.

A yeast mixture.

I MADE IT. I didn’t ADD instant yeast to it. It came from the air! And my hands. I know that might gross some people out. You know, yeast gets kind of a bad rap (we’re not going to talk vag, don’t worry). But I think it’s amazing. I mixed together flour and water and let it sit out and it made a sourdough starter. Guys, the world is MAGICAL. Can’t you see how magical it is?! IT’S REALLY AMAZING!

Ok, so, full disclosure. The flavor of this bread was great, spot on, exactly what I wanted. But. BUT, I had some issues with the final rise…it got awkwardly sandwiched into some other things. I didn’t give it my full attention and I think I paid for it in the density category. The actual bread was quite dense, more bagel-y. Which like, is totally fantastic, but it’s not PERFECT.

But now I know how this magical process works. Now I can make Tartine bread! On my own! Which is REALLY really convenient, because I am leaving San Francisco now-ish.

Which is uncomfortably sad for me to think about. But, I’ve been to Tartine. I’ve been to Arizmendi and Delfina and Town Hall and Salt House and Zuni Cafe and Chez Panisse. I’ve had Blue Bottle coffee and Four Barrel Coffee and Ritual coffee and Philz Coffee. I’ve had Bi-Rite ice cream and Humphrey Slocombe and Mitchell’s and Three Twins. I’ve hiked Twin Peaks during the day and at night, I’ve walked the Land’s End trail about 20 times, I’ve run over the Golden Gate bridge 4 times and walked over it twice. I’ve taken the trolley to work, I’ve walked the entire length of the Embarcadero, I’ve spent an entire day just getting on whatever bus came my way. I’ve driven 4 hours up the coast and 7 hours down. I’ve been to Sonoma, to Point Reyes, to the Tourist Club, to Tilden, to King’s Canyon, hiked the John Muir trail, watched the sun set over the pacific next to a bonfire on ocean beach. I’ve done all that, and I’ve made some great friends, and I’m ready. To go home. NEW YORK HERE I COME!

But I’m taking this bread with me.

Well not THIS bread, incidentally. Since it was eaten within 12 hours. (srsly). But, the capacity to MAKE this bread. Thanks for keeping it real, SF.


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

4 thoughts on “I MADE TARTINE BREAD”

  1. Crazy! I made it the same day! I also attempted baguettes, but they didn’t turn out that well – the Tartine Bread cookbook doesn’t have a troubleshooting section, so I have no idea if it was the bulk rise or final rise or shaping that I screwed up. Your bread looks amazing – I love the open crumb! You should try making english muffins from the baguette dough recipe. They are delicious!

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