The great egg sandwich exploration part I forget

It’s not that I haven’t been actively searching, friends. It’s not that I haven’t been eating egg sandwiches. I just haven’t been blogging about them. I had to tell you about this one, though. I feel like I’m getting closer and further away at the same time. Closer to something, further from another. Story of my LIFE.

First of all: welcome to the fight, open-face. See, open-faced egg sandies aren’t something I had yet considered. But they solve for me a huge problem: namely, using bread with really hard crusts. When hard-crusted bread is used as a SANDWICH, the insides always splurt out. However, as an open-faced sandy, you can use it, because there is no top pressure. It’s just you and the glory of your incisors. And god, hard-crusted bread!

This particular bread was from Acme Bread Co. I sauntered down to the Ferry Building farmer’s market the other weekend and all of a sudden had an intense craving for bread. I waited in line for like 15 minutes and then asked the guy at the counter (clearly an owner-type) what kind of bread he liked best. They were all out of his favorite, so I said: I’m thinking of trying the spelt pain au levain, what do you think? And he goes, personally? I would never eat that stuff (btw, way to sell your product, guy). But looking at you, you seem like one of those “healthy types.” And I said…kind sir, I had bread pudding and a croissant for breakfast. And he said, well, I guess if you need a healthy dinner, that’s a good bread. Having already been set to buy the bread before I asked his opinion, I got it. And it was really lovely, I’m not sure what his big fat problem was with it. It didn’t taste like “health” bread. It just tasted like wonderful fresh bread with a really hard crunchy crust. In conclusion: I regret nothing and take a course in product loyalty mr. bread man.

Here’s what I did: sliced a huge tomato and put the slices on the bread, then sliced some gruyere and cheddar over the tomatoes, put the whole thing in the oven for a few minutes, topped it with 2 over-easy eggs, some peppered bacon, salt&pepper, and a squirt or 2 or sriracha. I think, I THINK, if there was avocado on this, it would be in contention. The bread was full and hearty and the bacon was crisp and peppery and the warm eggs/cheese/tomatoes squished in the middle gave it all this really great texture. It was fucking good. It was reallllllly fucking good. You should make one and eat it. Then you can thank me later in the form of some sort of elaborate gift. I also accept personal checks. Thanks!


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

One thought on “The great egg sandwich exploration part I forget”

  1. I gave you an elaborate gift already but I’m going to share another one: Sunday mornings we always make egg sandwiches; my personal favorite, because I have a hard time eliminating flavors that I like once I introduce them, is kind of a clusterfuck (sorry Mrs. Svoboda!) of stuff, but it’s really quite delicious. It involves an everything bagel (NY bagel only folks, come on) hollowed out so it’s not too bready, throw some cheese on there (american, cheddar, those are staples, but whatever floats your boat) and put it under the broiler because you’re too lazy to take out the toaster. Then throw some red peppers, jalapenos, onions, and mushrooms in a pan with a bit of butter, and let them sit on the side while you fry an egg in the left over butter. Throw it all on the bagel with some pepper (that’s a lot of pepper(s), but, yum.) I want one now.

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