HI (ate us)!

FRIENDS, don’t run away. I’ve been busy. I know, I’m sorry, it seems like I say that a lot. But check it–this time I’m totally excused. I have a new job and a new apartment and I’m mid-move…so not a lot of baking has been happening.

Give mama a few days to collect herself and spread out her belongings in a new place and then I’ll be back in a brand new kitchen, ready to rock your large brains (compliments: they’ll get you everywhere) with so much baking, it’ll make you sick. Sick like this awesome flip I performed this past weekend:

kat in the flip

MARVEL ME. Then forgive, friends. Forgive me for my general flakiness. I’m not usually like this, and I’ma make it up to you. Promise.

One thought on “HI (ate us)!

  1. that water looks shallow. hope you’re ok? but that picture is pretty awesome. good form.

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