HI (ate us)!

FRIENDS, don’t run away. I’ve been busy. I know, I’m sorry, it seems like I say that a lot. But check it–this time I’m totally excused. I have a new job and a new apartment and I’m mid-move…so not a lot of baking has been happening.

Give mama a few days to collect herself and spread out her belongings in a new place and then I’ll be back in a brand new kitchen, ready to rock your large brains (compliments: they’ll get you everywhere) with so much baking, it’ll make you sick. Sick like this awesome flip I performed this past weekend:

kat in the flip

MARVEL ME. Then forgive, friends. Forgive me for my general flakiness. I’m not usually like this, and I’ma make it up to you. Promise.


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

One thought on “HI (ate us)!”

  1. that water looks shallow. hope you’re ok? but that picture is pretty awesome. good form.

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