The Great Egg Sandwich Exploration, part three-ish?

egg sandwich III

Next up in the meat trials, canadian bacon. Regular bacon’s friendly and possibly socialist northern neighbor. I know the standard thing to do when you have canadian bacon is to make eggs benedict, but we didn’t have english muffins. I also couldn’t really bring myself to make hollandaise sauce. It involves double boilers and egg yolks and craziness, and when I get back from a long run and I’m super hungry, Jesus Christ himself could not convince me I needed to waste precious time making some involved sauce.

egg sandwich III 2

So I went more standard, and I used some healthy wrappy type bread I found in our freezer. Not going to lie, was not a huge fan of the stupid wrappy rolly thing. But the contents within? They were wonderful. 2 eggs, swiss cheese, canadian bacon, avocado, tomato, tabasco, salt and pepper.

egg sandwich III 3

Conclusions? Canadian bacon loses to regular bacon because of the crunch factor. Canadian bacon also loses to ham because I’m a sucker for a thin slice. Avocado always wins. Swiss cheese loses to cheddar because of the tang factor. Fresh tomatoes + tabasco win over ketchup. Healthy wrap bread is the suck.

We’re getting closer kids. I can feel it. I think next time I need to do some experimenting with sausage. And potatoes. And peppers! And bacon. And butter. And bacon and butter and bacon and butter.


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

2 thoughts on “The Great Egg Sandwich Exploration, part three-ish?”

  1. Didn’t we get you one of those Yale xc shirts saying “we eat carbs”? Lady, stay away from any bread product involving “healthy” and “wrap.” Tsk, you should know better. (although I am sitting here remembering one fantastic breakfast burrito enjoyed by all which came in a wrapping of sorts, but which was decidely ok by any standard.)

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