The Great Egg Sandwich Exploration, part II

I’m back on the case. The greatest egg sandwich combination will be found, and I’ll be the one to find it. I was inspired to make one today because I went out to brunch yesterday in Brooklyn and had an amazing “Norwegian Eggs Benedict,” which is essentially eggs benedict minus canadian bacon plus smoked salmon. It was heavenly. So the very next day after my run I decided I needed eggs again.


I didn’t go the Norwegian route this morning. I do, however, have some pointers for cooking bacon:

1) Don’t cook bacon in your sports bra and tiny running shorts
2) Don’t cook bacon in anything you ever want to wear again, ever

Glad we covered that. So are my now-ruined-by-hot-bacon-fat favorite running shorts and my hot-bacon-fat-burned-stomach.


Here’s what we’ve got for today’s sandwich: 2 eggs, muenster cheese (the only cheese we had), bacon, salt, pepper, pickles, (a tiny bit of) ketchup, cayenne pepper hot sauce. I used one of those slim sandwich buns. I’m a big fan. They’re perfectly sized and they toast up nicer than english muffins and bread.

I realize the pickles aspect might be controversial. I can only point to the age old don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I’m telling you, tang on an egg sandwich is wonderful, and pickles bring it like nothing else can.


Conclusions? It’s hard to beat fresh eggs and avocado, so this sandwich doesn’t outdo the other. I also broke the yolk, which was upsetting, so it wasn’t nearly as yolky and wonderful as I anticipated. However, bacon might end up winning the meat component race. Sausage, ham, and I have to have a talk about it. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

2 thoughts on “The Great Egg Sandwich Exploration, part II”

  1. So, that sandwich looks AMAZING! I think I will try pickles on my egg sandwich next time. Thanks!

  2. What kind of pickles? I use these bread and butter pickles from the farmers market that are amazing. I couldn’t think of the name just now so I googled “best pickles” and sure enough, there they are, “best on a sandwich pickle” on this “best pickles” website.

    My most recent egg sandwich – english muffin, egg over easy, dubliner cheddar cheese (melty), fried ham, ketchup. Oh and those amazing pickles, of course.

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