Eggs and me, a love story

Listen, kids. I know. It’s been 10 days. Have you ever tried to keep up a blog? It’s hard. Especially when you are visiting your sister in California and you’re living out of a suitcase and meals aren’t planned so much as they are “MacGuyver-ed.”

well hello there
well hello there

well HELLO there
well HELLO there

What there ARE, are chickens (what there is are? what there are is? ACH grammar). Which means fresh eggs.

oil need not apply
oil need not apply

don't you dare break those yolks
don't you dare break those yolks

And where there are fresh eggs there is me ogling them creepily all the damn time until I’m like, ENOUGH, fetch me a frying pan. Genetically unfortunate cholesterol levels aside, when I want eggs I NEED eggs. And there is no greater way (repeat, NO. GREATER. WAY.) to highlight the egg than in a breakfast sandwich and/or burrito. Let me break it down for you. Every good breakfast sandwich needs the following:
Eggs (of course)
Some sort of crunch (bacon, pickles, etc)
Some sort of tang (hot sauce, ketchup, etc) [note: it is acceptable to combine crunch & tang]
Salt and pepper

they're all there
they're all there

That’s not ALL that should go on a good egg sandwich, but them’s the bare bones. I plan on fully exploring this subject until I can confidently say what constitutes the best breakfast sandwich ever. So far it was a burrito from a place called Pipes in San Diego, and it featured home-fried potatoes and HUGE chunks of avocado. And I think sausage. And wonderful hot sauce. Hmmm. Anyone up for a trip to San Diego?


Until that happens, the above was an acceptable substitute. Scanwich worthy, almost. It was pretty simple too…2 runny eggs (I loathe overcooked eggs), half an avocado, thinly sliced cheddar, salt, pepper, sriracha (or “cock sauce” as my sister’s roommate lovingly calls it).

So, I know. You wait 10 days and then I don’t even give you a legitimate recipe. But haven’t I made you want to eat eggs? And bacon? And accoutrement? Be kind, kids. It’s really sunny here. It’s making my priorities crumble.


Author: katboda

Hey, cram it.

One thought on “Eggs and me, a love story”

  1. This is by far the best recipe you have EVER posted. Now I would like you to come make me one for breakfast (and dinner) everyday. Miss your face, and your runny eggs.

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